This is the Dutch cyclist who has cheated death twice by changing his plans at the last minute to avoid flying on the doomed MH370 and MH17.

Maarten de Jonge was booked on the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur but swapped his departure date.

Hours later it was blown out of the sky – killing all 298 people on-board.

He then tweeted: ‘Had I left today, then…’ and included a link to the story.

The lucky escape mirrors his ticket exchange for the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed into the Indian Ocean.

He flew an hour earlier instead.

The professional cyclist wrote on his website: ‘I’m frankly overwhelmed by the number of responses that I get.

‘How happy I am for myself and my family that I was on this flight did not take the last moment, my story is ultimately nothing compared to the misery in which so many people are paid.

‘Attention should be paid to the victims and survivors. Wishing everyone affected by this disaster a lot of strength.’… see more

source: Metro UK