An instagram photo of a tea seller in Islamabad has gone viral all over the internet because of his dashing good looks

Jiah Ali, a Pakistani photographer was taking photographs around the streets of Islamabad when she captured a shot of the tea seller in question.

The photo went viral as soon as it was posted on Instagram and the subject became known as the “hot chaiwala”. The photo was subsequently shared by countless Facebook pages along with social media sites like BuzzFeed, 9gag, and Reddit devoting a sizeable portion of their daily traffic to him.

On the posts, girls around the world gushed over his supermodel-esque features – his determined pout, windswept hair, chiselled cheekbones, strong jaw, and a captivating gaze from a pair of vivid eyes.

#ChaiWala quickly became the most trending topic on Twitter in Pakistan.

“I took the photo during a recent photowalk I attended in Islamabad. He had a tiny tea stall in the area near the vegetable section of the city’s Itwar Bazaar (Sunday mart). I spotted him while he was pouring some tea,” BuzzFeed quoted Jiah...see more

source: buzzfeed