A slice of history could be unearthed in Massachusetts today, where crews are working to find a centuries-old time capsule at the Old State House in Boston.

Historians believe the capsule contains artefacts dating back to 1795, when it was buried under the cornerstone at Massachusetts State House by Governors Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and William Scollay.

Workers at the State House discovered the capsule’s location by chance as they attempted to find the source of a water leak.

If crews are successful, this will be the oldest time capsule ever found in Massachusetts, according to NECN News.

The contents of the box date back to Hanoverian times, when Britain was a colonial power, George III was on the throne, and William Pitt the Younger was the Tory Prime Minister. Over the Channel, the French Revolutionary Wars were in their third year.

Meanwhile in the US, the Declaration of Independence had been signed less then two decades ago and George Washington was President.

Reporters from WBZ Radio posted images of the operation on Twitter today… see more

source: independent UK