Dubai: You may have heard about camel milk chocolates and camel milk soap produced by a Dubai company and sold at a premium in the Gulf, Europe and Japan.

The company isn’t stopping there. Now, for the first time ever, made-in-Dubai camel milk personal care products are coming out on the world stage, currently being showcased at an three-day international beauty fair, which opened Tuesday.

UAE camel milk brand produced by Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) has taken the world stage by introducing its new beauty and personal care line “Camellure”.

Camelicious Beauty, a brand under EICMP, has unveiled the shampoo line which come in four varieties. In addition to the new shampoo line, a wider variety of beauty products based on camel milk is expected to come out in the nearer future, said a company spokesperson.

What’s prompted the introduction of the beauty product line and who’s behind it?

“We have a product developer who is working closely with our laboratory on the farm site,” said Kirsten Lange, director of communications at EICMP.

The Dubai producer first marketed its products in 2006 and is the world’s first and only camel farm engaged in large-scale milk production. The company’s farm, off the Dubai-Al Ain Road, produces about 5,000 litres of camel milk per day, and has started supplying high-end European cosmetics companies besides its own chocolate-making arm Al Nassma Chocolates LLC… see more

source: gulfnews