Buying a home can be a very exciting time in a family or individual’s life. The process comes with a lot of uncertainty and questions. Once the process is complete, there is always a sigh of relief and sense of accomplishment. However, the work is not fully complete. The process of moving in begins and more purchases need to be made. Here are seven things to get after buying a home.


An important investment after buying a home is a toolbox. When moving into the new space, small issues that need repairs is highly likely. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the adequate tools for the job. Buying some general tools for your new home can make sure all small repairs can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Generic tool kits can be purchased at most home-renovation stores or even smaller appliance stores.

Locks and Keys

Changing locks and keys may not cross the mind of an average homebuyer. However, this is an important step to take after moving in. Whether purchasing a new home or moving into one that was previously owned, the locks and keys had been previously used by people you do not know. It is advisable to change all locks and keys in the home to ensure that nobody but the current owners have access. Most locksmith companies will be able to provide these services with relative ease and speed.

Security System

After buying a home, the immediate instinct is going to be protecting the house. While strong locks are incredibly important, a security system goes a step further in terms of security. There are sensors that can be placed on all windows and doors within the home. When the system is set, these sensors will trigger the alarm if anything is opened. Home security systems are an excellent way to ensure that your new home is protected, and give you ease of mind. With nearly 2 million homes broken into a year, a security system can ensure safety for your home.

Window Coverings

Most homes have a decent amount of window allowing a lot of sunlight to enter. This can be a good thing, but it’s always better to have control over lighting in a home. Investing in some window coverings can help achieve this. You can choose between curtains, toppers, drapes or even shades. It is always fun to add a bit of your personality into your home, and curtains can be a great way to do this.


While a lot of focus will be put into the home, it is possible to forget about the yard. It is important to invest in a nice lawnmower to ensure the grass doesn’t get out of control. This is important from an aesthetic view but also ensures that the Home Owners Association will stay off your back. Depending on the size of your home, a riding or push mower should suffice.

Entertainment System

Not all purchases after a home have to be serious or professional. After all, a home is about comfort as well as security. Buying a customized entertainment system is a great place to start. Televisions are surprisingly affordable given the advancements in technology. This can be paired with an impressive set of speakers or surround sound for maximum effect. Gaming systems are also possible purchases for those who enjoy them. The idea is to create a space where the family can all relax together.


Appliances are another very practical purchase after moving into a new home. Without proper appliances, normal life around the house cannot be accomplished. Clothes can’t be cleaned without a washing machine. Meals can’t be prepared without an oven or stove. The list continues on. Although these appliances are a hefty investment, they are an integral part of what makes a home functional.

Nobody wants to spend more money after investing a large amount into a new home. Unfortunately, there are some integral parts to a functioning house that must be purchased after a move. After these initial purchases however, most costs will boil down to monthly payments. Always remember that a home is a worthwhile investment.



by:  Mikkie Mills