Improving the way your staff communicates is one of the best things you can do to increase sales. When you make processes more efficient on the inside of your business, you and the customer both benefit. It’s a win/win scenario that is worth pursuing.

There are several ways to change your internal communication for the better. The most important thing is to get your employees on board. Help them to understand everything they need to know for effective communication. They will make or break your communication policies.

Teach Efficient Email Techniques

Email can be your business’s secret weapon or its worst enemy. When they are used properly, emails make it easy for people to talk to each other and pass along information. When used in the wrong way, emails can suck up employees’ time and get in the way of productivity.

Effective emails are short and ask a clear question at the end. The first sentence or two of the email should summarize any information that the sender wants to convey. After that, the question should serve as a clear prompt for the reader to act upon.

These kinds of emails can be processed much more quickly by everybody. It’s a great productivity booster. There’s an added bonus of improved morale when your employees realize that emails are easy to handle now. All of this adds up to more effective work and more sales down the line.

Encourage Productive Disagreement

Helping your employees disagree in a healthy and non-confrontal way will help to mitigate workplace problems before they happen. Disagreements are inevitable in life. Learning how to handle them the right way is a big part of good communication.

Ask your employees to avoid “arguing to be right.” Rather than trying to win arguments, effective communication happens when both people are open to changing their minds. Have your employees restate each other’s ideas before disagreeing with them. This helps people to slow down and listen better prior to providing alternative ideas.

When your employees listen to each other during disagreements, better decisions will be made. The benefits from this add up over time. Your business might avoid some big sales mistakes by improving your dialogue.

Use an Internal Newsletter

Leaders often need to communicate the same information to multiple people at once. Developing an internal newsletter is a good way to have easy access to your entire team when you need it.

You can use email drip marketing with your team the same way you do with customers. If you are trying to “sell” your team on certain ideas or activities, your newsletter becomes a valuable tool for doing that. At the same time, your employees will appreciate having all of the day’s important information in one place.

An internal newsletter saves time and gets work done sooner. This leads to putting out more products, or responding to customer inquiries more quickly. Those are the small differences that over time will earn you a lot more money as a business.

Better Communication for More Sales

Communication is one of the most important things in your business. It’s the cornerstone of human interaction and sets the tone for how your company operates. Your employees should be able to receive and share their ideas without friction.

The tactics in this article will take time to implement in your business. It’s not an overnight process. It’s worth it because you will ultimately sell a lot more products thanks to your good communication practices. This is one of the best ways to get ahead as an organization.


by: Mark Palmer