What factors make bridals interesting enough for a Karachiite to travel to Lahore and watch an endless succession of bling-riddled joras for three consecutive days? There is styling for one, closely followed by creative presentation and the beauty of our artisans’ craftsmanship that is a source of constant pride of joy in our traditional heritage.

Telenor Bridal Couture Week held at the landmark Faletti’s Hotel checked all the boxes with its designer-wear bridal couture collections, making up for any loss with the sheer volume of business it generates with the bi-annual event.

Speaking to Images on Sunday, Zahid Khan of Kuki Concepts, a BCW regular who opened Day One with a Banarsi fabric-inspired collection titled Parisa, said, “There is hardly any other fashion week that generates the kind of business for me like BCW. With each successive airing, I get a fresh wave of orders, and it more than covers the cost I pay for showing at the venue.

As far as I am concerned, I really don’t need to look anywhere else to attract business for my bridal-wear. The event is continuously evolving and some of the country’s leading couturiers are now on board which adds value to the platform and makes me proud of being a part of it.”

Bridal Couture Week  Lights, camera fashion

This season’s showing included leading names such as Indian couturier Mini Bhindra who is well-known in Pakistani fashion circles and who wowed fashionistas with her superbly envisioned and crafted luxe bridals titled Rubaaiyat-i-Khayyam, Maria B with the dreamy, feminine Rose Garden set in 18th Century France, Fahad Hussayn’s dramatic showing of Nautanki Rani with original music and narration by Naheed Siddiqui, Asifa & Nabeel with Klah, Mehdi’s rich and opulent bridals, Munib Nawaz’s blingy menswear Paradise Express, the Powerhouse of Fashion featuring HSY, Nicke Nina, Nilofer Shahid, Rana Noman, Zara Shahjahan and Sana Safinaz, and the iconic Umar Sayeed with his breathtaking and spellbinding finale.

Of course there were the classic BCW moments too with Ali Xeeshan’s fantastical ode to K. Asif’s Mughal-i-Azam and the legend of Anarkali, the way over-the-top hair and make-up show by Depilex on Day Two followed by a flawless Toni & Guy execution of the same on Day Three based on fairytale themes delivered in impeccable Urdu, and of course the special lights show by Shahzad Disaster and his troupe. Among the evening’s pleasant surprises was UK-based menswear brand Ziggi Menswear with its finely tuned design aesthetics.

Credits: Show production & PR: HUM Network | Choreography and show direction: HSY | Backstage management: Production 021 | Hair & make-up: N-Pro & N-Gents

source: dawn.com