The road was long, with many a winding turn. But Noah Aldrich knew he was strong enough to carry his disabled brother Lucas through a gruelling triathlon.

He pulled the six-year-old along in a rubber dinghy as he completed a 200-metre swim – before pedalling 4.8km (three miles) with his sibling riding in a trailer behind him.

Then it was time for the last leg, a 1.6km (one-mile) run pushing Lucas in a buggy. Parents Brian and Alissa cheered as their children crossed the finish line.

‘It was a little nerve-racking but exciting and exhilarating at the same time,’ Mrs Aldrich said. ‘We’re definitely proud. As a parent it was a pretty incredible thing to watch.’

Nine-year-old Noah is probably a little young to be a fan of The Hollies. But his sporting exploits certainly kept alive the spirit of the Manchester group’s 1969 hit (He Ain’t Heavy) He’s My Brother.

The American schoolboy trained for three months to ensure he was up to the task of completing the YMCA triathlon in Boise, Indiana, with Lucas in tow. They completed the course in 54 minutes.

Lucas has rare brain condition lissencephaly and cannot walk, eat by himself or talk. But Mrs Aldrich said: ‘After the race he definitely knew he had been part of something special.’.. see more

source: Metro UK