Filipino Manny Pacquiao insists his upcoming title bout against Timothy Bradley will be the last of his prodigious career and on Thursday said he is aiming for a convincing win to help bolster his campaign for a Senate seat.

Pacquiao, who has a 57-6-2 record and won world titles in eight different weight classes in a 20-year career, is set to battle Bradley in Las Vegas on April 9 for the American’s WBO welterweight championship.

“This is my last fight,” Pacquiao, 37, told a Madison Square Garden news conference on Thursday. “After this I’m going to retire and hang up my gloves and focus on my other big responsibility in my daily life, to help the people.”

Pacquiao is a congressman in the Philippines but is hoping to secure a Senate seat in the May 9 election back home… see more

source: retures