Bill Cosby is speaking out again, through his lawyer.

He says his remarks about black media are being misconstrued and he is calling out a Georgetown professor for his “mean-spirited and reckless” commentary.

In a brief phone call with freelance journalist Stacy Brown a week ago, Cosby addressed the “black media,” but would not talk about the sexual allegations against him. Cosby said he expected “the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and … go in with a neutral mind.”

When the story broke, Cosby wasn’t happy. He issued a statement through his attorney, John P. Schmitt, criticizing Brown for how he went about reporting the call with Cosby — not saying he was writing for the New York Post and not disclosing that he was taping it. (Brown defended himself saying Cosby “abruptly ended the call.”)

Since then, in response to Cosby’s “black media” remark, MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown professor, appeared on air to discuss it and slammed Cosby, saying “the very kind of man who would rape women, allegedly, is the same kind of man who will rape an entire black community, poor black people who are vulnerable before him, using his powerful foot to clump down on their necks.”

Now, Cosby is ticked off again.

In a statement given to USA TODAY, Cosby’s lawyer says that the comedian’s comments to Brown “continue to be misconstrued in a way that can only call into question the fair-mindedness of certain commentators.”

It adds, “To be clear, Mr. Cosby did not ask for special treatment from the African-American media. To the contrary, he asked that they adhere to journalistic standards and approach the story in a neutral manner – without a predisposition on either side of the story. It is of course what we would expect of all media.”.. see more

source: usatoday