Are you planning to tour Miami in Florida and you don’t know of any places to visit? If no, then you are missing out. If yes, then this guide will show the top six places you can visit.  

1. Art Deco Historic District

The architectural style of these structures is dominant in the South Beach neighbourhood despite being popular in the 1930s and 1940s. These buildings have been uniquely designed in various pastel, and they display massive neon signs. They were constructed after the shocking 1926 hurricane. Majority of the structures are restaurants and hotels, and they have been restored pretty well. The two major streets through the area are Collins Drive and Ocean Drive. Most of the Art Deco hotels comprise more character than contemporary hotels. Such hotels include Hotel Breakwater South Beach, National Hotel Miami Beach, or Delano South Beach.

2. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This museum was home to James Deering in the 20th Century, but it is now a National Historic Landmark. The mansion was built in 1916 on a 28-acre piece of land. The villa has 34 rooms which are built around a central courtyard. Of the 1100 craftsmen and workers who built the mansion, the majority of them were imported from Europe to make sure the design was authentic. The Villa has been built in an Italian Renaissance style, and it is full of an impressive collection of 19th and 15th Century decorative arts and European furniture. The gardens and the grounds contain beautiful French and Italian sculptures, pools, and fountains.

3. Miami Beach

The location of Miami Beach is on a barrier island, and a series of bridges have been used to connect it to the mainland. It consists of a mix of long stretches of soft-sand beaches, lively entertainment-focused areas, and quiet neighbourhoods. The beach is an expensive tourist district and it features numerous sunbathing opportunities, hotels, shops, and beachfront restaurants. The most famous street in this place is Ocean Drive. It is a road section which houses some pretty Art Deco structures and located along the oceanfront. Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive are parallel with each other while Collins Drive is one block inland. Collins Avenue is the major oceanfront street in this beach, and it joins many neighbourhoods.

4. South Beach

South Beach location is at Miami Beach end to the South. It consists of a broad section of beach which stands In front the ocean in the South Beach neighbourhood. The beach is usually full of tourists and locals in the summer, and this makes it a top beach in Florida and the most famous in Miami. On this beach, you will get to swim and have fun in the shallow waters while you soak up the sun. The beach is lined by a paved walk, and behind it is the Ocean Drive where motorists pass by as they enjoy the view.

5. Bayside Marketplace

This is an enormous mall with an outdoor style and comprises at least 150 tourist and specialty shops, many restaurants and cafes, and live entertainment. Tourists and locals will find famous chain stores and unique places. As the name suggests, the location of the mall is along the waterfront in Miami and looks out over boats and docks. Tour boats depart from the location visiting sites around Biscayne Bay. There are also downtown hotels present in the area and a water taxi service to Miami Beach.

6. Everglades National Park

This park protects one of the unique natural features in Florida. The park consists of swamplands which cover around 1.5 m acres and houses snakes, crocodiles, alligators, and all bird types. The area is a shallow river that flows out of an ocean. To view the wildlife, the tourists and the locals can do this at the Visitors Center, boardwalks, airboat tour, and walking trails. One of the most famous paths in the park is the Anhinga Trail that departs from Royal Palm Visitor Center. The path is not more than one mile long and goes through terrain where tourists can view alligators and other wildlife.  


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