My BeatBoxing 1 year old niece got 7 Millions hits

A video of a one-year-old baby girl trying to mimic her Jordanian professional beatboxer uncle Yazan Salman has gone viral on the internet.

Since its YouTube debut on Thursday, the video has amassed almost 5 million views.

Entitled “My BeatBoxing 1 year old niece,” the 22-second-long video shows the Chicago-based professional beatboxer practicing his talent while holding his baby niece, who then imitates him.

Her attempt at beatboxing was popular with online users.

YouTube user Karis Yashiroda wrote “thx for making me laugh, i watch it over and over lol,” while Amer Halasa said “hahah hilarious.”

User ShoSho.t.m wrote “You both need to do more videos you are so cute” while keithinchrist wrote “she nailed it right there!”