People search, chase, wait for something that they want, what their heart desire and what they mind thought needs in their life. Sometimes we forget that what we are looking for is already next to us or it’s already around us. We are just blinded with determination and eagerness to succeed that’s why we can’t see them. All people has each own choices, own life, own future.

We build it with our own hands, knowledge and ability and of course the guidance and never ending love of our creator (GOD).We failed, made mistakes but that doesn’t stop us to keep on trying. We stand up and with the lesson we’ve learn we continue again to try.

We keep on moving with faith, positivity and with love. Everything happens with a reason some things pass with season. Life is what we make it, dreams we reach it in any way we can, Heart beat we listen to it. We love with passion. Some with condition Others it’s just a decoration but whatever we call it’s an action a deeds that will be written in your book of life.

A book on which no erasure because it is said ” It was destined to happened so it shall be done. Destiny and fate when it will start to move in your life changes happened.

Changes that we cannot cope up because it is too fast. All we need to do is to keep on holding on. Keep on believing with faith and always believe in yourself. Wind of changes when it blows it means new start new beginning new life. Be Yourself and start it now!!


by: Nelia Vista

Nelia vista is poet, inspirational and quote writer