LONDON — The BBC said that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party was forecast to win a narrow majority in the country’s general election.

If the forecast is accurate, the result will defy months of extensive polling data that showed his right-of-center party would struggle to overcome a statistical dead heat with the Labour Party, setting the stage for a second coalition government in a row.

The BBC forecast early Friday, after more than half the votes were counted, gave the Conservatives 329 seats — enough to form a narrow majority in the House of Commons, Britain’s parliament — followed by Labour with 233 seats, the Scottish National Party with 56, the Liberal Demorats with eight, Plaid Cymru with three, the United Kingdom Independence Party with two, the Green Party with one and others with 19.

Support for Cameron’s current coalition partner the Liberal Democrats all but collapsed and the Scottish National Party surged to new heights north of the border as its candidates picked up 58 out of a possible 59 seats in Scotland.

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source: usatoday