Bassem Youssef made his first televised appearance on Wednesday, nearly a month after his hit show “El-Bernameg” was cancelled by host channel CBC.

Appearing on the popular talk show “Akher Kalam,” which is broadcast on private satellite channel ONTV, Youssef gave host Yosri Fouda a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the events surrounding the show’s cancellation.

Calm, and with his usual sharp wit, Youssef said that he didn’t believe the authorities were responsible for his program’s termination. Similarly, he said he believed the claims from the government of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, who also insisted that it had nothing to do with him being referred to the general prosecution shortly before the events of 30 June.

“I always give people the benefit of the doubt,” he said.

CBC, he said, however, makes the government look bad, as though they had a hand in what happened.

Fouda read the two statements that CBC had issued last month concerning the cancellation of “El-Bernameg.”

The first declared that the channel was not responsible for Youssef’s statements and that Egyptians felt offended over his “insults of Egyptian symbols.”

Youssef responded that if CBC had not liked his show, then the station should have just gone ahead and pulled it. There was no need, he joked, to remark that Egyptians had been offended, especially since no one went out to the streets and conducted a survey of people’s feelings. Furthermore, the only Egyptian symbols he knew of were the Egyptian flag and the national anthem, and as far as he was concerned, he had never made fun of them. see more

source: ahram online