The new Ministry of Labour (MoL) rules regarding employment contracts, termination and work permits will come into force starting today.

As per the new rules, a six-month labour ban will not be imposed on an employee, if he/she and the employer opt for mutual termination of job contract. The new rules have been designed to reinforce a “balanced and productive” relationship between employers and employees.

They take into consideration the consent between the two parties; flexibility of movement in the labour market; and meeting the needs of employers to hire workers from within the country and abroad.

As per the new rules related to standard labour contracts, employers should apply for a quota from the MoL. The offer letter should contain a detailed description of the job offered as well as rights and duties of each party. This is to be made through a Tas’heel centre. If the worker is in the UAE, he/she must sign the employment offer before the employer applies for a tentative approval to employ him/her.

A standard MoL contract has to be signed by the worker before it can be presented to the MoL for registration. No alteration or substitution of terms may be made unless it benefits the worker. After the offer letter is signed , employers must enclose it with the application to obtain an approval to issue a work permit. After the worker enters the country, he/she needs to sign the contract within 14 days. .. see more
source: khaleejtimes