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99 percent of Pakistanis are unaware of the most important thing in their life. Their rights. United Nations has passed a document by the name Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is a document that holds the basic rights of a human. If we Pakistanis get to know our rights, we will realize that we are living in Stone Age. I shall tell you some of those rights and what’s actually being done in Pakistan.

‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.’ Whereas in Pakistan a person is born either rich or poor.

‘Everyone has the right to life, liberty and self defense.’ A Pakistani doesn’t seem to have a right to life- what else is target killing for?

No one shall be subjected to torture or inhuman degrading treatment and punishment.’ Now don’t tell me you don’t remember the inhuman degrading treatment done with those innocent brothers in Sialkot!

‘Everyone is equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of law.’ No. Not here. Only the rich have got the right to protection of law. And the poor stand as fleas before the law.

‘Anyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.’ Here in Pakistan one is guilty until proven innocent.

‘No one shall be neglected because of his nationality.’ Whereas anyone holding a green passport is either a taliban or deserving of bad treatment.

‘Everyone has a right to good education.’  As far as this is concerned. Only the rich children have the right to better education.

‘The will of the people shall be the priority of the government.’ Everything that the people of Pakistan have dreaded has become the priority of our government.

Basic rights are just one of the things we lack. I hope that by reading this you will find that eagerness somewhere in your heart of the need to do something. If we want a better Pakistan we shall demand any government, coming or going, for our rights.

Surely we want Iqbal’s Pakistan to be a humanly and justified Pakistan.


By:  Fatima Arshad
Writer Fatima Arshad is a Pakistan based  young socio political blogger who is actively contributing at national and international news websites and blogs with main focus on Pakistani social and political affairs.She can be contacted

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4 Responses to “ARE WE AWARE…?”

  • madiha says:

    Well done fatima! I wish little thinker’s like you will bring positive change in pakistan someday.

  • Fizza Ali Khan says:

    Good effort, little one! Although I don’t think that people who really need to know their rights read blogs

  • Sara Zaid says:

    @FizzaAliKhan you’re right but usually pieces, like the one above, are written to make others aware and make them work for the under-privileged because they cant stand up for themselves.

  • Maheen A Khan says:

    Yes Sara you are right, it is our job to read such piece of knowledge and communicate and motivate those who don’t have such access for their rights because we all tell them only their duties and forget ours very conveniently………………

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