LOS ANGELES — You weren’t the only ones addicted to a mobile confection in 2013.

Candy Crush Saga, the smash hit game that millions played on subways, waiting at the bank or hanging around the house, was the No. 1 most downloaded free app for the iPhone in 2013, according to Apple.

The game itself, launched in November 2012 and available for free on the Apple and Android platforms, has over 500 million downloads and has been played over 150 billion times, according to developer King.

Hit games — think Angry Birds, Words with Friends and FarmVille — come and go as players navigate to the next big game. But King co-founder Sebastian Knutsson thinks Crush can stay on top with frequent updates. “We add new content every two to three weeks,” he says. “It allows you to play the whole saga in a new way.”

Key takeaways from the rest of the top 10:

• Communication apps are wildly popular. Vine, a brand new app from Twitter that lets folks make funny six-second videos, was the fourth most downloaded free app. Snapchat, home of photo messages that can disappear within 10 seconds, is No. 6. Instagram, which began as a place to share photos and has evolved into a popular social network (singer Beyonce announced her new digital album on Instagram) is No. 7.

• Despite heated music service competition from Apple, Clear Channel and others, Pandora — the personalized music service — had a great year, coming in at No. 9 on the free app download chart. Apple in September introduced iTunes Radio, a similar service that many said could spell the end of Pandora, and Clear Channel poured a lot of promotional muscle into its iHeart Radio… see more

source: usatoday