“While watching a classic antonio banderas film, the 13th warrior, which captures quite immaculately the conditions which prevailed in the golden era of Pakistan, it became abundantly clear to me, that there is a 180 degrees shift in the psychology of muslims, which is immensely effecting their attitude as well as behavior, this change effects the way we dress, the way we eat, what we find funny and what shameful, how we converse, pretty much every aspect of our daily lives”

“Pondering about this difference between now and then, i realized that the Psychology of Muslims has been affected due…” Psychology of Muslims has been affected due to changes external to the Islamic empire , in the Golden Era it was different. As the barbarians have become civilized, the superiority complex of Muslims from that era has faded.

When the empire was at its glorious heights, innovating and then pushing the boundaries of science, engineering, food, culture etc etc. and hence pushing the world forward out of the darkness, the common Muslim had a pride in his way of life, in his religion, for surely it was the revelation of the glorious Quran and the examples set by the beloved Prophet of ALLAH( Mohammed peace be upon him) which differentiated Muslims from the other peoples of the world and thus made us so much greater then other peoples.

So a common Muslim of those times had a physically manifested reasoning, in the shape of superior technology and more advanced lifestyles and city- scapes, which re-enforced their religious fervor as well as reduced the propensity of our people adopting ideals and ideas of other cultures. for example the the best clothes were clothes from Muslim lands, why would one want to wear something from outside? which would “obviously” be inferior.

In governance, in management, in every respect, the propensity to adopt ideas and ideals from outside was rather low. only ideas and ideals which came out from the great libraries and research centers of Baghdad, Damascus, Cordoba etc were worthy of adopting, this ensured that the Muslim mindset was not corrupted.

As time has lapsed, especially over the last 200 years, the common Muslim no longer can see a physical manifestation of the success of their faith, therefore as the barbarians became first more savage (colonization) hence more rich and then eventually more and more civilized, the common Muslim saw more and more reason to abandon his own ways of living and adopting those of the barbarians, for example, a common Muslim now believes that one should live only for oneself rather then living for others, the reliance and trust in the extended family has been replaced by reliance and trust in the  smaller nuclear family, the mindset of a common Muslim has departed from spiritualism and shifted towards materialism.

For the  advancement the barbarians achieved in technology, by which ever means they had achieved them by, started to seem as a more superior form of thinking, and the common Muslims own ways of thinking, which where refined over a millenia by various astute scholars began to seem inferior.

With the onset of this inferiority complex, the journey towards materialism began. as the people stopped seeking knowledge and started seeking money, the empire decayed faster and faster. the common Muslim started adopting ideals and ideas of barbarians at a ever accelerating pace.

The materialistic ideals of barbarians are systematically incompatible with Islam, you cant be a good Muslim and be driven by worldly glory instead of eternal glory at the same time. a Muslim is the one who build glory in the realms of heaven, by making great strides on earth, helping others, discovering things, inventing things, saving others etc, a Muslim earns points for him self which earn respect in heaven.

By abandoning the quest for knowledge, and the quest for spiritual upheaval and replacing those driving forces with materialistic ones. for example being driven to study for money, working for money, innovating for money..instead of doing these things for eternal fame and respect, the Muslim psychology has found itself in a sort of a paradox.

The Belief in ALLAH swt is strong because there is proof of HIS existence and there is ample reason to worship him, how ever, faith in values Islam prescribe is at an all time low, faith in working for the afterlife etc….
This paradox has resulted in the common Muslim mindset developing a denial issue. we are now in a state of denial, because we cant be materialistic and Islamic at the same time, since these both paths are completely different even at the most basic levels such as driving force etc…and since the success story of materialism is presently in physical manifest and the success story of spiritualism is not, the Muslim psychology is blocking out some very critical Islamic dictates such as “don’t live for this world, live for the afterlife” and “don’t strive to earn money, strive to earn love instead, money will come automatically”.

Essentially due to the lust for materialism, the present era Muslim mindset has become blinded to the various teachings/blessings of the Quran and the examples set by Mohammed peace be upon him. even if they are quoted references directly from the Quran, they don’t want to believe them, not because they are not worth believing but rather because they don’t want to believe them, they are in denial. Because of this inferiority complex which is due to the fact that a common Muslim now believes the barbarians got so prosperous due to them having a superior culture which is happening because they have no knowledge about how colonialism worked and how savage it was.

The common Muslim persons mind is now in denial, although various avenues of science now dictate with certainty that people who struggle for spiritual reasons, for example to be the smartest on earth or the most respected on earth and in heaven etc have a higher likelihood of succeeding than people who do things purely for monetary reasons.

Sheer tragedy

The answer to our revival resides in understanding this dynamic, we need to make our people aware of how savage colonialism was, and how Western states are now collapsing because they cant indulge in colonization anymore.

We also need to realize that Pakistan is the only thing on earth right now which can change the condition of the common Muslim man,s mind. As Pakistan is the only Muslim country on earth which follows an ideologically Islamic constitution, and which has a regular habit of achieving the impossible and hence setting a example for Muslims of other nations to follow. Pakistan is the only Muslim state which has the capacity to synthesize a new Islamic culture which is based on spiritualism and not on materialism. no other nation on earth has this capacity, because those are all nations for geographies or lingua or races, like land of the turks Turkistan, Saudi families Arabia.

Pakistan is the ONLY truly Islamic state and  we MUST realize our

Author Bio:  Sharjeel Ali is a student of economics belonging to the ibn Khaldun school of economic thought which is similar to fresh water school  but includes political science, sociology, geo strategic science, psychology, linguistics and futurology as integral part and core of economics. “

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