Aamir Khan wants to see Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif married, no we aren’t saying so. The Dhoom:3 actor made a wish at the Dhoom machale dhoom song launch yesterday.

The Khans of Bollywood are often pitted against each other. But, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have chosen to keep their equation different and are good friends. And, like every friend who wishes the best for their closed ones, the Dhoom:3 actor too wishes that Sallu should tie the knot soon and settle down.

Aamir expressed his concern about his single friend and told the gathered media, “I have been telling him (Salman) for so long to get married but he is not listening to me. Maybe if someone else (looking at Katrina) requests him, he may agree to it. I want to see Katrina and Salman together in real life.” That’s not all. He looked at Katrina Kaif and asked, “Have you ever asked him?” This got his heroine red faced.

Mr. Perfectionist that he is, he wanted an answer and repeated his question until he got a response from Katrina on her ex, “I am speechless. I am sorry.” We wonder what Kat’s current beau Ranbir Kapoor has to say to this, may be AK can ask him this question too.

Sallu and Kat were in a serious relationship, which ended in 2010. However, the two still remain friends. The Dabangg dude had once said, “We were friends, are friends and Katrina and I will always be friends.

” We understand that they are still good friends but that’s not what Aamir meant when he said he wants to see the duo ‘together’, did he? Has Salman expressed his innermost feelings to Aamir? Is Aamir playing Sallu’s messenger? Hmmm… We wonder why Aamir would talk about Salman’s marriage to his ex-girlfriend and was he serious when he asked Kat and Sallu to be together in real life.

Looks like Aamir was proposing the babe on his friend’s behalf, hai na? Or is this just another of the marketing genius’ ways to grab headlines for his film’s promotions.

source: msn