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It would not be wrong to say that Pakistan politics becomes more interesting with each passing day , though worth remembering is the fact that not all that happens is good. Many instances in the recent past indicate that emergence of negative events, prospects and  people in  Pakistan  heavily out-weigh those that are positive.

The most recent example that  I can  give you is that of the Canadian-national-Pakistani-patriot, Tahir ul Qadri. A man whose main career is preaching Islam. He has written more than 1000 books and  his website declares him a man  of “manifold and staggering achievements”. Only a while ago he flew into the country and has  been the talk of the town  since ( I am  sure I need not repeat the whole eventful night of his arrival ).

To a common man his agenda seems the need of the hour. A common man may think of him as a glimmer of light in a dark world, rather a dark nation thanks to the inhumane load- shedding. A common man  may think that since he is “Allama” Tahirul Qadri, he must be working on the lines of Islam to restore Shariat in the country. But here’s the  twist, the common man  is fooled time  and  again by such so called revolutionaries, and  this time  it  is no different. Oh, and  did I mention  that the common man  who has blind faith in him is his student from one of his large network of religious schools, but don’t get carried away, he also has support from people who are  not his students.

The cleric-turned-politician  stated. that, “I will fight against the Pakistan  army if it tries to take over”, Sir you are no match for the Pakistan army. He  also added, “I am  against military rule. My destination is true  democracy”, Mr.Qadri, true  democracy isn’t all that fair you know.

Nawaz Sharif has reasons to fear and not to fear. He  may fear that like. The previous time  back in 1999  he was overthrown in a coup, the army may intervene (as it always does when the rulers of the  country do not seem to be handling affairs  well enough). Yet, he has reason not to fear Mr. Qadri, as he can take a page out of the previous government’s book and do what they did when Mr. Qadri staged  his long road- show in Islamabad.

Mr. Allama Tahirul Qadri has yet to announce the date of the start of his revolution. But in his recent All Party Conference he has put in  useless effort making some useless demands. He demanded the resignation of Punjab Chief  Minister Shahbaz Sharif, adding that if it was not done then  the  PM should resign and  force his brother to resign, adding that if it was not done then  the President (yes, we do have one) Mamnoon Hussain sack both brothers and declare himself hero.

Mr. Qadri has support of the famous cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan who has given him encouragement while staying clear of giving him full support.

Captain Imran Khan has called  for a revolutionary march on the 14th of August to Islamabad (yes, he was oblivious of all the other dates and  has to ruin people’s Jashn-e-Azaadi or maybe wants to give them  another).

Captain Imran Khan had asked  the  Sharif government a few questions, all of which have been answered  by the Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid. The government has also rejected  his claim that the  daily expenditure  of the PM house is Rs 4 million  declaring  it to be a mere  Rs – 1 million  which  included salaries  of staff members and spending on guests. The  captain also claimed that the  PM purchased  two bulletproof vehicles  costing Rs – 225 million while the IDPs were suffering.

Captain  Imran Khan has also upset his own party members by saying that PTI parliamentarians across the  country, except KPK, would resign by August 14ththereby mounting pressure on the government to meet the  party’s demands.

Nawaz Sharif now has only reason  to fear. The  captain has called on his supporters to become more  aggressive. Now the  government faces a dilemma. If it allows the march to take  place  then  Imran Khan will keep it there  for days and  weeks to come, that much is obvious, as he will not take aone-night stand  after all the hard work he is doing. Now if the protest does get prolonged then security threats will be at their peak. Who knows what the Taliban have in mind and  whether they have their fingers crossed. Then  there’s also the possibility of not allowing the  march to take place then, oh then, oh then, then there will be war. There will be bullets, there will be tears, there will be blood, there  will be teargas, there will be chaos. Mr. Qadri is likely to boost Captain Imran’s march by sending in his own supporters. They both may even  join hands for full and final “waar” as they call it.

Stay informed that yes, the government now has a  weak  defence. Chaos is evident; there will be no avoiding that. But this much is clear that choosing between Tahirul Qadri and  Imran Khan is like choosing the  blue or red. wire to detonate the bomb.

Instead of boosting the morale of our dear soldiers busy in the operation Zarb-e-Azab, our weird  politicians want civil war, sad but true.

Things will change, they must. But not this way.

This is Pakistan, we are Pakistanis and this is Pakistani politics. Change is in our blood. Peace is what we  will get. Happiness is what we deserve. Success is what we will achieve.

All great things never happen in the blink of an eye. What we want, need and deserve will come to us, the writing is on the wall.


By: Fatima Arshad



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