Afghan film “A Man’s Desire for a Fifth Wife” has been nominated for the US’s Boston International Film Festival (BIFF) which will held in April.

The film festival will be held from the April 12 to April 21 at the Boston Massachusetts which showcases over 90 films annually.

The film, directed by Sediq Abedi, was made in northern Faryab and Balkh provinces and took about a year to make.

It tells the story of an Afghan man who desires to take a fifth wife, and through the story line explores the issues of violence against women. It also shows aspects of the traditional culture of Afghanistan.

The film runs for about 90 minutes and boasts more than 70 Afghan actors.

“The movies have been selected from more than 2500 movies for the US’s Boston International Film Festival and it also registered in France’s the Cannes International Film Festival and an international Australian film festival,” said the director of the movie Sediq Abedi.

“I am sure that the movie has a good massage to the world and it’s about the Afghan traditional cultural,” he said.

The film festival, established in 2003, features independent films from around the world and the US. The festival has presented many acclaimed films including Academy Award winner for short film West Bank Story and includes feature films, short films and documentaries, with a strong emphasis on multi-culturalism.