Mario Balotelli’s madcap antics might be over after AC Milan hired a former police officer to try and keep him out of trouble.

Balotelli is widely known for his sometimes crazy behaviour, from letting fireworks off in his bathroom –to attacking a camera man.

But that could all be about to come to an end, with Milan assigning former police chief Filippo Ferri to look after him.

Ferri has been working as head of security for the Rossoneri for months, after being sacked from the police following his heavy-handed treatment of protesters at the G8 summit in 2001.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, who worked with Balotelli whilst at Inter Milan, welcomed the news in the media, suggesting that the striker needs controlling.

‘Mario is a great guy. I don’t know what Ferri’s specific tasks will be, but certainly with a lunatic like him you never get bored.’

source: metro UK