Determining the water damage

Do you want to check whether your iPhone is actually damaged or not? Then you surely can do so by taking a look at the liquid indicators on your iPhone. Depending on the model of the iPhone you own, it is either located on the side, upper or lower portion of your cell phone. Before you check the liquid indicators, make sure to switch off your iPhone first. If the phone gets exposed to water, a red dot can be seen on those indicators. However, if it is not visible, then it means that your iPhone is out of danger and not damaged by any form of liquid.

The common symptoms of an iPhone damaged due to water

Like all the warranties of other cell phone brands, the warranty on Apple does not even cover the damage that occurs due to liquid of any kind. This means that the owner of the iPhone would be the only one who holds responsibility once it gets damaged by water or other liquids. You will see the following symptoms occurring once you get your iPhone water damaged.

  • The phone would either keep restarting immediately after switching on or unable to switch on or show a blank dead screen.
  • It would show signs of a hardware failure by either the microphone getting disabled or speakers not working or even the phone getting overheated.
  • The iPhone would display error messages that show the incompatibility of an accessory or the charger with it.
  • Other browser and other apps would not function properly and will keep opening and terminating without a warning.

The precautions to take when water damaged

  • Switch off the phone asap

As soon as you notice that your iPhone got dropped into water or any liquid, take it out immediately and switch it off. Using it further in that condition would heat it up and damage the hardware of the cell phone.

  • Do not let it dry with a blow dryer

Instead of drying out your water damaged iPhone with a drying machine of any sort, let alone a hair dryer, as it would damage it further by forcing the water deeper into it, either take it to an Apple repair store. It is also advised to put the water damaged iPhone in a container filled with uncooked rice for a few days. The rice will help to soak up the moisture from the cell phone completely.

  • Backup the data

Once the iPhone gets dried, the data on the phone must be backed up at its earliest. Do not wait longer for a full examination of the iPhone and either use iCloud or iTunes to back up all the data on it to be on the safer side.

If you plan to backup using iTunes, run the software after connecting your iPhone. Choose the option of Backup after right clicking on the name of your iPhone and all your data would be backed up within a few minutes.

When using iCloud, go to its settings, and sign in. After you get signed in, click the option of Back up now and your data will be secure.


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