WE REVEAL another shocking video of sickening racial abuse that was made public just days after the TV broadcast of verbal assaults in Glasgow.

MINISTERS have unleashed a blitz on racists and bigots just days after shocking footage of abuse and violence shocked Scotland.

The Government campaign, launched today, urges Scots to report all hate crime to Police Scotland.

The drive comes days after the Sunday Mail told how a TV crew had captured a shocking racist attack on a busker.

And today, we can reveal another appalling video of sickening racism after a thug verbally assaults and threatens two Asian men on a bus.

The racist, wearing military-style camouflage gear, is first seen in the mobile phone footage turning around in his seat and glowering menacingly at the men on a First Bus service travelling through Glasgow.

The Asian duo are heard chatting to each other before the thug interrupts them shouting: “What? F*** you.”

He then claims that his brother was the victim of an improvised explosive device, often used against British troops in Afghanistan.

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