Collaboration is a necessity at workplaces as it enables to communicate with a number of coworkers through the net, exchange ideas for projects and assignments as well as make real-time amendments in a project. But do you have any idea how many emails you have to exchange between co-workersevery day?

Do you also have any idea about how much time it takes to brief your team about progress or goals? If you shudder in your answers, then it is time for you to get better collaboration tools. Lucky for you, we have just gathered a fine assortment of collaboration tools that are just right for your needs.

  1. Slack


With Slack’s use of open communication channels, your collaboration will be more flexible. It comprises of users who gather around a particular field of interest. You can communicate in real-time with your colleagues and enhance the quality of your work with the inputs of others.

You can even make private channels where the content is limited to asmall member group. Send direct or group messages for quick, private conversations between individuals and groups.

  1. Dropbox


Dropbox is literally the alternate term for collaboration. All of your files, documents, and folders stored in a single and securelocation. You can share retrieve or share them on and from any device be it desktop or mobile. You can also share large video files and photos even if you don’t have a Dropbox account.

No longer do you have to use emails to make adjustments to presentations or projects when working with coworkers from different locations. You will never have to worry about losing your files ever again.

  1. Google Docs


With Google Docs, you not only can write and edit your own documents, but you can even share them with your coworkers in real-time and make the necessary adjustments to it right there and then. It offers more editing and styling tools to help you format your text and paragraphs than that of MS Word.

You can choose from hundreds of words, images, add links and drawings that are all for free. If you don’t know how or where to start, then you can just take your pick from a handful of Google Docs’ finest templates for reports, resumes, and pre-made documents.

  1. Asana


There is probably no better way to manage your intense workflows and tasks than with Asana. Keep track of all that you do and get the best results right there and then. By being partners with other well-known brands such as TED, Khan Academy, and The New Yorker, you can’t ever go wrong.

  1. InVision


If designing is in your blood, then InVision is the right medicine for you. You can constantly make designs from the screens of your computer or mobile devices. It is highly touted as the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform.

Just upload your design files, and then begin adding animations, transitions, gestures. Turn your app into the best interactive experience for your users. Get your clients, teammates, and shareholders on the same page to simplify your feedback process and have them directly comment on your designs.

  1. Atlassian HipChat


Take your chatting to the next level with HipChat. You can chat in groups, by video or by thescreen. Businesses will benefit greatly from this as it is also much secured. No need to toil in an endless barrage of emails when you can just get the answer you seek with @mentions.

It will be much easier for your teammates to see what you are working on and be able to voice their opinions about it on the spot.


Author Bio:Anna Marsh is a Computer Scientist and Online Marketing Professional. She is always on the lookout for thelatest technology and applications and shares it on her UK Assignment writingblog. You can follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus.