Teachers have a social responsibility to impart knowledge to the next generation. As educators, they are obliged to implement the best practices to ensure excellence in education. Teachers have to accomplish several tasks in an entire day. They have to create lesson plans, arrange notes, record progress, engage with parents and report the results to supervisors. This is too much to ask for a 5-8 duty hours in an entire day.

In today’s technology-driven classroom, however, a teacher has more control on classroom activities than before. With modern technology and contemporary educational approach, teaching has become more like a digital activity than a manual task.

Considering the modernization in education, time has come for teachers to bring radical changes in their methods in order to sync with the pace of modern teaching. Every teacher need to revisit their strategy and align it according to the demands of current trends.

Following are 8 traits of an ideal tech-savvy teacher that every educator must develop to succeed in modern classroom:

1. Engages With New Media Technology

A technology savvy teacher tends to follow social platforms. He keeps in touch with his students through social sites like Facebook and Twitter. He ensures constant communication to remain up-to-date with their needs and issues. In this way, he can engage in two-way communication with his students and provide them with instant feedback whenever they need it.

2. Utilizes Cloud technology

Tech savvy teachers understand the value of their time. They have to manage volume of papers which may take up to several hours. They have a liking for new media which facilitates them with supervision and management of their educational resources. With cloud storage websites, they are able to access their documents, edit files and present lessons without any hassles of mobility.

3. Connects Through New Media

All technology savvy teachers like new media sources as they help them learn more about teaching. They follow educational blogs, website and article directories to gain knowledge and improve as a teacher. They are an avid reader and member of online libraries. Majority of them have collection of e-books in their digital library.

4. Blogs To Express Ideas

Modern teachers are active bloggers. As teacher, they want to express their ideas and thoughts and blogging is the right podium. With blogging, they are able to share their opinions on educational aspects on their most favorite topics. Teachers and scholars are also active social commentators. Blogging gives them an opportunity to cast light on matters that affect the society.

5. Uses Apps

Tech-savvy teachers just love apps. These smart tools empower them to control their life on personal and professional ends. With these apps, they can organize their tasks, keep track of important dates and manage their teaching resources.

6. Uses Gadgets

Tech-savvy educators use smartphone or tablets to remain in the loop with students and fellow teachers. They have to establish a strong communication with others for interaction regarding important matters. With the availability of mobile phone apps, it becomes further easier for them to exchange information and at the same time manage their resources at the comfort of their space.

7. Brainstorms ideas on Digital Platforms

As professional teachers, they have to be good in mind mapping techniques. They have to write down everything first before they deliver the lectures. This is why majority of educators utilize online mind mapping resources to develop their thought process.

8. Accepts Change

A teacher is flexible with changes. He remains updated with technological advancements and follows the latest trends. As a teacher, he constantly synchs with developments in technology and its application in education. He understands that adaptability is key to succeed in the teaching profession.

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