Many business owners find carpets beautiful but fear using them in their offices because they are hard to maintain. It is indeed very true that carpets are prone to harboring mildew, dust and dust mites that cause serious allergies. If the carpet is not well- maintained, it will fade, smell and wear out very quickly forcing you to replace it every few months.

Benefits of Having a Carpet

You don’t have to be afraid of using carpets in business as they bring many benefits to your company. A carpet can protect your flooring and maintain its condition even with the high foot traffic. It also drowns out noise from outside and inside the office. There will no longer be disturbances as people, especially ladies, are walking around with their high heels or when something drops.

Clean carpets bring an exquisite appeal to the office and create warmth which enhances the working conditions of the office and invite guests. They also trap dust particles and prevent it from being kicked back up into the air when people are walking. This prevents allergic reactions and other respiratory conditions that can result from dust mites.

How to Maintain Your Carpets

The only way to get the most out of a carpet and increase its lifespan is through regular maintenance and cleaning. Just like tiled or wooden floors are moped a couple of times a day, carpets should be cleaned every single day without fail. Here are six methods that should be used to maintain a clean and sustainable carpet in the office;

  1. Prevent mud: It’s good always to have a mud removing surface on the front door so that no one gets into the office with mud on their shoes. Removing mud from carpet is hard, so it’s better to prevent it.
  1. Raking: A rake is a carpet cleaning tool that looks like a broom to help scrape off soil and particles attached to the carpet fiber and bring them closer to the surface so that it’s easier to sweep or vacuum them off. The carpet should be raked every time before sweeping or cleaning so that anything sticking to the fiber can come off.
  1. Vacuum the carpets: It is important to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner that will suck all the dust and other particles out of the carpet. Vacuuming should be done daily as dust and dust mites should be sucked off before they settle and become allergens.
  1. Spot clean stains: Spilling food or drink is inevitable in any environment. Just like the janitor comes quickly to wipe the drink on tiles before someone falls, a spill on the carpet should be treated on the spot. If all the foods and drinks can’t be kept in the kitchen, the cleaning team should be called immediately to clean the spill before it becomes a stain or eats up the carpet due to acidity.
  1. Deep Cleaning: It is important to do one major cleanup once in awhile to get rid of anything that the vacuum cleaner was leaving such as smell or mold. Deep cleaning can be done by a professional cleaning company with a carpet steam cleaner. Steaming the carpet restores the fibers to their original glory and also kills all sorts of bacteria and allergens that hide in carpets. Deep cleaning is the only method that can remove stains and keep the carpet looking new which will increase its lifespan.
  1. Use a carpet runner or padding: High-quality padding will protect your carpet from taking all the abuse and retaining dust. In high traffic areas, consider using a carpet runner because it’s easy to clean and cheap to replace.

Having a beautiful, clean carpet in your office will enhance productivity and the image of your company. By regularly maintaining the carpet and its appearance, you save the company a lot of money that could be used to replace floors, heat up the office, and replace the worn out carpet.


by: Mikkie Mills