Sharjah Police has arrested six Pakistanis on charges of committing telephone fraud on several people in the UAE and abroad.

The arrested people carried out their operations from a rented apartment in the emirate’s Al Nahda area.

According to the police, the gang would call potential victims and tell them that they are representatives of a telecom company. They would also tell victims that they had won a large sum of money in a raffle draw conducted by the telecom company. The victims would then be told to transfer a substantial amount of telephone card credit to the callers to be eligible to claim their prize. The gang would stop calling the victims after the phone credit is transferred.

Police said the gang was masterminded by people living outside the UAE. The fraud victims were from UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

A large number of smart phones and papers with English and Arabic texts of conversations with potential victims were found by the police in the gang’s apartment.

Members of the gang worked on monthly salaries ranging from Dh1,500 to Dh2,000.

Police said one member of the gang of fraudsters lived in Qatar. UAE police is coordinating with their counterparts in Qatar to arrest him.

source: emirates247