If you want to increase your online sales, you need the right strategy that is proven to work. If you don’t, you could fall into common traps that many business owners face when trying to improve their online sales and marketing. So don’t miss out on chances to get ahead of the competition. Use these following five ways to increase your sales online for better profits and peace of mind:

 Leverage Content Marketing and SEO

SEO is a key part of any online business today. With how expensive paid ads are, you need to complement it with organic traffic as well to get more people to your business website so you can convert them eventually.

In order to do this, you need to have a solid SEO and content marketing strategy. The truth is that while they are not quite the same, they compliment each other. SEO is all about creating great content around keywords in your niche. From their, you distribute your content and get it shared, engaged with, and analyzed by your metrics. This is where the two meet. So design your content with the end goal in mind before just posting whatever is on your mind.


Getting attention is the top of your sales funnel and sales method. If you don’t get attention, then you don’t have the chance to tell your story or engage people with your brand.

In order to get more attention, make sure to use headlines in your articles and your paid ads that have a catch. This is usually a top benefit that is relevant to your target audience. It should virtually reach out and grab them, encouraging them to click and find out more.


Once you have caught the attention of your market, you are still not done with your sales process. You still need to keep them reading the next sentence and then the one after that. Keep it interesting, or your bounce rate will go sky high and your SEO will take a hit as a result.

For instance, once they hit your landing page from your entry ad or other attention getting device, include information such as pricing, reviews, testimonials, or facts about their problem. The only thing that truly determines what is interesting or boring is how relevant it is to your specific niche, so do some digging on your market research and come up with several hooks to use.


Using attention to get someone to read your content and visit your page and then keeping them interested is great. However, people do not buy simply because they are interested. Many people are “interested” in losing weight, getting a better price on insurance, or even traveling the world. But most people don’t. That’s because they make the mistake of not including something emotional.

People buy for emotional desires. So promote emotion in the direction of your product or service. If you sell weight loss for instance, talk about how great they will feel and how their friends will make great comments once they’ve been through your program. This attaches your product or service to those positive emotions in their mind.


Finally, once you have successfully built up emotion, you are ready for the closing segment of yours sales process. The trick is to keep it simple, but use principles that work over and over again.


You need to be specific with action requests. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Things like “subscribe here” or “buy now” are the right ways to go, as long as the button is clearly labeled and it comes in the right part of the sales message.

When it comes to online sales, they follow a logical progression. If you can master the tips above, you will have no problem getting your conversions and sales to where they need to be. So select a few points above and implement them right away to see for yourself how easy it is to gain an edge in your market and improve conversions all around.


b: Mikkie Mills