Video marketing has taken over the industry by storm. There are many people who plan to start a new business and video marketing is cost-effective and effortless tool that is guaranteed to give their businesses a boost. So sit back and go through the five steps that as a business owner, you need to put in your videos:

  1. Sharing through social media

Thanks to social media, it has become pretty easy for people to connect with their loved ones, regardless of the distances between them. The same theory applies to the businesses; now they can easily and timely, connect with people whether they are consumers, investors or participants who can boost their business.  Make sure to add the sharing option and keep all the networking forums on your radar.

  1. Invest time and money

Videos foster trust while delivering the message. It provoke emotions if you spend some money in making the video which can construct actual message behind your business, explaining your prospects. Therefore, be careful while investing your money and time. The quality of these few seconds predicts the future of your product. Hire a professional for your job and if you think you are good enough, then do it yourself. Keep an eye on the amount of time and money you spent on your product. Invest at least half of it on marketing of the product.

  1. Compatible with Cell phone

Make sure to create a video compatible with cell phone. With the advancement made in the technology after all these years, most of the computer users have switched to mobile phones. Cell phone users have increased by 400% from 2012-2014. Moreover, people pay more attention to web ads when they see them on their cell phones instead of their desktops.

  1. Visually Strategic

Ensure that your web content is strategic and visually attractive. Get a bunch of people to work for you and hand them over a rough sketch of your ideas, so they can prepare a story board. Work on the concept of your video, and share your thoughts with other people around you. Tell them to give their verdict like an audience, so you can make the necessary tweaks and make it the way you know, it would engage your audience. Prepare a marketing plan and apply a little part of it to the video. Plan and design the scheme of videos in clear and coherent manner. Rather, come up with several videos of short

  1. Keep Your Message Short

People do not have time to watch a one minute or even half minute. They will probably close the ad before it ends. Remember to give the main information in first 10 to 15 seconds of the video. Another thing you can keep the message short is splitting your message in the form of series. You can also place your brand in tips and tutorials which should not be more than 20 seconds.


 Author Bio:   Lily Wards is a Business Graduate who is a creative manger.