Sydney Keiser may be the youngest fashion designer in the world. The 4-year-old from Milford, Ohio, recently signed a deal with J.Crew to help create a new line of clothing for kids.

She has quite an imagination and parents who never stop encouraging her to bring her unique concepts to life, reports CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan.

To understand how Sydney works, you have to watch her in action.

Every morning, the fashion phenom creates whatever comes to mind using paper, tape and scissors.

On the day CBS News visited her, she not only came up with two dress ideas within an hour, but also decided to make something for her imaginary sister, a mannequin she calls Mackenza.

Then she modeled off the dress she made for herself.

When asked where her ideas come from, she replied, “My head.”

She said she practices about 10 hours a day.

Sydney doesn’t quite realize she has a gift, but those gifts were brought to light by Sydney’s mom, Angie, who started a blog this year called “Fashion by Mayhem,” Sydney’s nickname. But it was Angie’s Instagram account, which showcased Sydney’s dresses, where things really took off. Angie has more than 400,000 followers who are eager to see Sydney’s original creations, as well as some red carpet re-creations… see more

source: cbsnews