You have meticulously prepared a profile, then painstakingly written a resume to get a good paying dream job. However, after doing so, you forgot about one critical step that still stands between you and your dream job: the interview.

If you want to land that job, you better read these mistakes that many candidates make because they too forget about this critical stage so that you can avoid making these mistakes when you go for your interview.

1. Not being prepared:
The most embarrassing mistake any candidate can make is to not go to interview fully prepared. This means you have to know what job you applied, the full J.D, facts about the company and any other requirements mentioned by the company in the advertisement. If you believe you can wing it, then honestly, you do not deserve the job!

It is true you do not want to sound as you have learnt the answers by heart and saying them by memory, but you also do not want to sound like a mumbling fool who does not know some of the basic answers as in the heat of the moment you are bound to get confused and rattled a bit.

2. Giving literal answers with less or none conversation:
In order to be fair, many interviewers prepare interview questions that are asked to all the interviewees. Unfortunately, these questions are straightforward and short because they have to be asked to a number of different candidates. You do not have to answer literally; rather look behind the meaning of the question. Also, do not be too precise, but answer questions with examples to showcase you not only have a talent for conversation, but also to provide concrete evidence behind your claims.

3. Body language mistakes:
Candidates, not aware that interviewers also are looking for subtle clues like body language, make terrible mistakes. For example, leaning back may be taken as a sign of arrogance or laziness while leaning forward may be taken as a sign of aggressiveness. Crossing of arms can suggest that you are either being defensive or resistant. A lot of fidgeting may clearly portray your nervousness and distract the interviewer too. Similarly, there are many small body language mistakes you can make, it is better you read up on them before you go for the interview.

4. Not dressing for an interview:
Arriving late to any interview is considered an embarrassment and a mistake of the highest order for any candidate coming for the interview, however the most embarrassing moment for any candidate can be when he/ she is dressed the part. Coming to an interview for an accountant position in torn or shabby clothing, unpolished shoes and uncombed hair does not only give an appearance of an unkempt person, but it also portrays you are not neither serious about the interview nor the job. Similarly, if you are interviewing for a graphic designer or a fashion designer, then your attire choices should reflect your passion for that field.

Author Bio: Jessica McCarthy is a prominent writer, blogger and freelancer. In addition to writing, she also serves as a mentor and guide to students who don’t possess the knick knacks of interviewing skills. She can be contacted via her professional work website – custom writing company.