With skin hanging limp across broken skeletons, these grisly remains are yet more evidence of the bloodlust that gripped the former Yugoslavia in the early-Nineties.

Two decades after Serb soldiers carried out house-to-house searches in a campaign of ethnic killings in Bosnia, investigators are digging up what could turn out to be the largest mass grave from the war.

The remains of 360 people have so far been found at the Tomasica mass grave, which was discovered last month near the town of Prijedor, 162 miles north-west of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

That number, already far more than authorities expected, is expected to rise and could even one day surpass the 629 bodies found at Crni Vrh in Srebrenica.

The Sarajevo-based Missing Persons’ Institute said the Tomasica grave is linked to a secondary one found in 2003 about six miles away, where the bodies of 373 victims had been hidden.

It is believed the perpetrators of the killings moved parts of their victims’ dismembered remains from one grave to the other in a bid to conceal the crime.

In some gruesome cases, parts of the same person have been found in both graves.

The institute’s Mujo Begic said he expects more remains to be found at the Tomasica site, and the bodies are of Bosniak and Croat men, women and children killed in their villages during the war.

‘Together with the relocated ones, the number of the bodies here indicates the biggest mass grave so far found in Bosnia,’ he said.

‘We have found some identification documents in the grave, so we know who these people are.’

The grave covers more than 53,820 sq/ft (5,000 sq/m) and is about 30ft (10m) deep. see more

source: dailymail UK