A major operation by Police Scotland has identified 523 children as potential victims of online sexual abuse.

Operation Lattise, which was carried out between 6 June and 15 July, has recovered as many as 30 million indecent images.

It has involved 134 investigations which has led to raids on the homes of 83 suspects, 77 of whom have been arrested and charged so far.

They offences include rape, sexual extortion, grooming and sharing indecent images of children – some as young as three.

Of the 523 “victims or potential victims” aged between three and 18, 122 have been referred to child protection services.

More than 100,000 chat logs were assessed, as well as the live streaming of sexual abuse, and some 547 devices seized as part of the massive investigation which is still ongoing.

Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham told Sky News: “People should be horrified that this is going on in Scotland.

“This operation is targeting people who are committing these crimes in Scotland, and keeping children safe in Scotland, identifying victims and raising awareness.”

He said Operation Lattise was about “shining a light on the scale of this issue”… see more

source: skynews