The growth space for social media continues to sprout with each passing day. There is YouTube where people from all over the world can upload, download and share videos with other users; Facebook, where you can engage for hours using verbal and visual interaction; Twitter, where whatever you write is short, sweet and to the point, and now there’s Instagram where any photo you take is creative, colorful and fun. As of recently, Instagram expanded its services to video content sharing as well and is doing quite great.


Like every other social media platform, Instagram is commonly used in a number of places – the most prominent of those places include home, restaurants, malls, cinemas, schools and universities. Right now, allow us to elaborate how Instagram can make school life – mainly life in a classroom – less boring.

  1. Taking pictures of your friends

Student bodies or more prominently known as the “besties” demographics just can’t resist taking pictures of themselves with their friends and teachers in order to commemorate the wonderful moments that they shared with one another in their school or college years.


  1. Promoting a special event or a campaign

Special events such as school debates, food festivals concerts are what students love promoting and talking about. Instagram is indeed the most appropriate tool for this kind of job. Take photos of the banners that are advertising those events along with your friends especially those who are partaking or competing in those events to increase the awareness of that event.


  1. Make videos of your experiences

It may be an attempt to compete with Vine’s video sharing application, but Instagram allows users to record short videos of about 15 seconds so that they can share with their buddies. Of course, given the depth of its existence and purpose, these videos are usually humoristic in nature.


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  1. Fieldtrip

Whether if it is a farm, a museum, a zoo or an aquarium, you can use Instagram to capture all of those lovely, interesting and exciting moments and treasure them for years to come. Take pictures of your nation’s famous cultural heritage, landmarks, animals, sea life and more, and sharing them with friends around the world is really something you can do to promote your country.


  1. Fashion trend

With every passing season, students can take pictures and videos to promote the latest fashion trends. They can be casual, formal and something unusual and weird at times but let’s not go jumping over some boundaries shall we? Share pictures of nail polishes, shoes, watches and more wearable accessories.


  1. Making Math look cool

This can work for students who are appalled by the challenging subject of mathematics, who want to copy equations in order to pass their tests fairly or otherwise, or those who just want to view their opinion of it in a number of varying ways.


  1. Examinations

Though not necessarily used during examinations, students can use Instagram to show themselves studying vigorously for their examinations. They can show themselves being frustrated by it or relaxed or confident.


  1. Graduation

This is the one golden moment that you do not want to overlook for your Instagram account. Capture all of the most magical and proud moments that you have when you and your friend eventually graduate from your university and let it remain in your heart and mind forever.


  1. Projects and presentations

Make your school or university projects and presentations a gallery of exciting and heartfelt moments. You can take pictures of you and friends helping each other out in your group assignments, documentaries, film-making and more.


  1. Using iconic figures

You can make an Instagram trend by posting pictures of world famous historians, celebrities and role models and have it posted on your school notice board.


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  1. Showing your school life

You can use Instagram to depict your school life on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is a great way to showcase your life to your friends and family members. It is the same as telling a story but even more better since it is accompanied by pictures.


  1. Promoting charity

There is a time for fun and a time for students to assume a more serious and concerning demeanor, especially if it concerns the underwhelming or grieving members of society. Students can opt for Instagram to help promote and support a cause to fight for the rights of civilians, to help the other unfitting members and groups find a place among the generally accepted and to raise money in order to generate research funds in finding a cure to a disease.


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