It’s no surprise that everyone is a little nervous for their first day on the job, but this includes employers, as well as employees. Employers need to teach new hires their job duties, new company culture, rules, and expectations. Although the onboard training can be both exciting and scary, making the right impression on your new employees is crucial to both your success. To help you prepare for the first day of your new hires, here are 10 things to consider doing.

1. Send Out a Welcome Announcement to the Rest of the Company

Before your new hire’s first day, you should send out a welcome announcement to the entire company detailing their name, job title, and personal information so everyone can get to know them a little better. This way, everyone at work can plan to share something to help break the ice on the new employee’s first day of work.

2. Get Their Space Ready

When your new hire arrives one their first day of work, you should have someone ready to greet them and help them get settled. Additionally, you should already have their office space ready with equipment like their phone, computer, email, wifi, and office supplies.

3. Offer Them a Staff Directory

Printing off a staff directory can help your new coworkers get familiarized with names around the office and have a detailed source of who to contact in case they have any questions.

4. Organize Paperwork For Their First Day of Work

With the mountain of new hire paperwork your new employee has to fill out, it’s best to make sure it’s organized for their first day of work. This way, you don’t have to waste time trying to organize it the day of. You should also adopt electronic paperwork to cut down on time and resources.

5. Set Up Their Training Session

It can be nerve-wracking for your new employee to get started with their new job. This is why you should create a helpful sales training program for them to complete can help them feel more relaxed in their new workspace.

6. Assign Them a Mentor

To help your new hire get settled at work, you should assign them a mentor or “work buddy” to make them feel more comfortable in their new environment. Their mentor can also help answer any questions they may have and help them adapt to the work culture.

7. Set Up an Activity

Plan a team activity for the employee’s first day to make them instantly feel like part of the group. You can take them out to lunch, host a catered meal, or plan an after-work happy hour trip. This will give all of your employees the chance to get to know each other in a stress-free environment.

8. Offer a Welcome Gift

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a present? Consider giving all new hires a small gift to say welcome to the company. Give them some branded company products like a water bottle or mouse pad. You can also give them some free office supplies like a notebook or pens. It doesn’t matter what the gift is; it’s the thought that counts.

9. Check On Them

At the end of their first day, make sure to check in with the new employer to see how they are transitioning to the new job. You should also use this opportunity to answer any questions that they might have after getting a feel for the office. This can be a stressful time for new hires so it helps to show them somebody is there to help. Plus, this can make them feel like an important member of the company.

10. Be Enthusiastic

You want your new hire to feel welcome at your company. Show them how enthusiastic you are to be working with them. By using the tips above, you can exhibit just how excited to are to have the new team member on board.


by: Mikkie Mills