A boat left stranded by smugglers on a beach at the Vandenberg Air Force Base carried an estimated one million dollars worth of marijuana.

Smugglers abandoned the boat after it crashed into the beach which is on Air Force property Thursday afternoon. The 20 foot boat was found on the base’s property just after 1 p.m. There was no one around the boat when it was found.

The marijuana that was found on the boat and nearby had been camouflaged by dark colored trash bags and with brush to be concealed. All the marijuana was immediately seized. Later it was a handed over to Homeland Security which took over the investigation.

The wreckage and the marijuana was found north of Wall Beach.

It was reported by Janene Scully at the Santa Maria Times that Col. Nina Armagno, a 30th Space Wing Commander was there and took part in an extensive search that included 2,000 buildings across 99,000 acres. No suspects were found and the base is secure.

“We immediately secured the scene and started searching the beaches and the local area,”Armagno said“I ordered all facilities to be searched and secured.”

Personnel have been told to avoid the area and report right away if they see suspicious people or activity, officials said according to the website Hemp.Org

source: http://digitaljournal.com