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Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing for Your Business

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Use of videos in content marketing is on the rise. For instance, YouTube is now the second-largest search engine after Google. According to Cisco, videos will make up for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2017. It is no secret that consumers are now clamoring for branded video making it one of the most promising content marketing strategies for both small and large scale businesses. In this post, we are going to look at the benefits of using videos as a key content marketing technique.

Videos are highly effective

A research done by marketers in 2015 rated videos as highly effective marketing method. Also, 87% of the companies interviewed confirmed the positive impact of videos in their efforts to create a market presence online. Whether you provide closed captioning services or any other business, videos will give the company a human face, create a long lasting impression and allow the prospective customers to see your product in action. According to experts, these features make it the most effective marketing strategy when it comes to branding and lead generation.

Video is a diversified marketing method

A common theory among marketing savvies states that seeing precedes words. A person will look at something and recognize it before he or she speaks. Using videos in content marketing create a strong and complete way to communicate visually. In the end, they help build strong emotional links with prospective clients. When compared to images and texts, videos provide a powerful way to sell to people because the amount of information one can give in a second outweighs other methods of relaying information.

Videos boost SEO

Videos provide a neat way to boost your SEO. A site administrator that uses videos on his or her website will most likely get more backlinks than others who don’t. Most people are willing to share videos they find interesting or relevant to their search criteria. Such people will create backlinks to common search engines such as Yahoo and Google. A website owner knows the importance of link building. It provides quick results and increase SEO rankings.

Videos enhance customer retention

People who find your video interesting are likely to return to the site. Most of them will stay on the site for more than two minutes if there is a video. Businesses can use this trend to increase the traffic on their site and possibly get quality leads out of it.

Increased customer conversion rates

Recent research reports reveal that over 70% of e-commerce owners acknowledge that videos bring more conversions than other marketing methods. This means that those who don’t use videos on their sites could be ignoring a potential goldmine. People are more likely to buy what they watch than those who read about it. Most of them are also willing to share the videos to social sites such as Facebook, which translates to more conversions.

Increased customer engagement

Sale conversions depend on customer engagement than any other strategy. Audiences identify with videos more easily. Also, they are likely to engage, embed and comment on the videos than blog content. Increased customer engagement translates to increased quality leads.

There is increased number of technologies that support video marketing

Tech companies have realized that there is a surge in consumption of video content. Consequently, the companies have come up with high-powered techniques to enhance video marketing. In addition, these techniques are cost-effective when compared to their marketing techniques. For example, Facebook recently introduced the autoplay feature, which attracts more attention than the text or links on the site.

With these seven benefits, you cannot afford to ignore video marketing any longer. This is just a glimpse of the immeasurable benefits video content can do for your site. The remaining part is for you to take action and experience the benefits.


By: Jennifer Livingston 

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