Why so serious Mr Joker?

The perfectionist, Aamir Khan, has taken up the challenge to play the antagonist in one of the most awaited Bollywood thriller ‘Dhoom:3’.

The trailer of the third edition of the ‘Dhoom’ franchise has been released. And the chatter on social media is all about ‘the clown’ played by Aamir.

The joker thief has to live up to his predecessors who have been not only sleek, suave conman in the past but also dangerously handsome villains.

He might not have the perfect model looks and frame of the earlier baddies, but hopefully he will add the Aamir touch to Yash Raj’s latest offering.

Aamir Khan calls himself a clown but isn’t funny; he sports an extremely serious traumatized figure.

We see a surprise cameo by Jackie Shroff who plays Aamir’s father.

Apart from Aamir Khan, we see Katrina Kaif as the sexy gymnast. But all we can see Katrina do is swirl, jump, twist and smile.

In fact, she looks much the same as she does in all movies, whether it is in terms of hairstyle, heavily-accented Hindi dialogue delivery, expression (we know she tries hard).

The only point in Katrina’s favour is her overall popularity and innate ability to carry off a stylish character and be the perfect arm candy.

Both Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will continue in their now iconic roles of police officer Jai Dixit and Ali.

Abhishek and Uday take themselves too seriously (even in a trailer!). And it was about time to replace that bandana Uday Chopra is wearing for the past nine years. Hopefully Uday will have to play a bigger role in proportion to what we see in the trailer.

The film is scheduled to be released on December 20, 2013.

Do you like the trailer? Tell us what you think of Aamir’s look.


Source: Emirates 24/7