One of the easiest and the most effective ways to lose weight and stay fit is walking. Those who indulge in regular exercise stay active throughout the day and fall ill less often. However, walking has even more benefits! Go through the top 8 benefits of walking and walk for your health:

Walk for your heart

Walking lowers the level of cholesterol in your body, along with which it also reduces your risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. It makes your heart strong so that it is able to pump more blood into the body.

Walk against hypertension

If you walk regularly, your Body Mass Index (BMI) improves considerably. Walking allows sufficient muscle movement, which uses up more glucose and brings down the Blood Pressure level, thereby protecting your body against many things like heart attacks and kidney failure.

Walk against cancer

Walking is an effective way to control your risk of carcinogens remaining active in your body. Walking also is effective in case of chemotherapy by reducing its side effects.

Walk for better sexual health

Regular walking, rather brisk walking, can help you perform better in bed. Yes, it’s true! Being healthy and fit has its benefits in the sack. In addition, walking for a couple of miles a day improves your blood circulation, as a result of which, you are at less of a risk for impotency.

Walk for your mind and spirit

Walking briskly helps you relieve yourself from stress and anxiety, as well as depression, helping you begin your day at a promising note. Not only is your mood charged up, you also feel more energetic and happy for the rest of the day.

Walk against extra weight

Want to burn extra calories? Start walking! Even walking a mile burns about 100 kcal. A slimmer waistline will be not a distant dream if you continue walking at a brisk speed for more than a month.

Walk for your brain

By improving the blood flow to your brain, walking also improves your brain functioning. Believe it or not, walking can even improve your memory. Walking is a recommended form of exercise for patients of dementia and Alzheimer’s because of this particular benefit.

Walk for more years to live

Scientists say that a 30-min long physical activity every day increases your life by 1.3 years. In addition to that, by walking regularly, you also keep yourself fit and prevent the onslaught of various age-related conditions like arthritis.

Walking is an easy and cheap way to stay fit , so start walking!