by Fatima Arshad

Utho P.C.B Aankhein Kholo!

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A true fact known by all, that Pakistan is a country deprived of cricket. It’s not that our nation lacks talent, it’s just that we lack opportunities. Other countries like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have organized Premiere Leagues of international levels to provide their upcoming talent with a stage. They are not only providing their upcoming talent a stage, but also an opportunity to play with international cricketers and learn.

Pakistan does have events like domestic leagues, national T20 Cup and other smaller events, but these are just not enough, at least not for the heaps of talent that we’ve got. We’ve got talented senior players like Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Waqar Yunus, Javed Miandad, Inzimam-ul –Haq, Yunus Khan, Mohammad Yousuf and Misbah-ul-Haq are just a few from the many. These are the players who have done a lot for the progress of Pakistan cricket.

Recent domestic tournaments have introduced another bunch of talented cricketers. But sadly when it comes to including fresh talent in the national team, the place where it is most needed, our selectors just don’t see them! Or maybe to them, fresh talent doesn’t even exist!

When members and officials of PCB are asked about including young, talented players in the national team, they say, ‘There’s no such need of new-comers in the national team. There’re Umar Akmal, Ahmad Shahzad, Nasir Jamshed and Asad Shafiq, so there’s no need of more. And besides, we can’t see any new-comer performing in domestic.’ Now who thinks just 4 new-comers are enough? Who agrees that fresh talent isn’t performing?

PCB really needs to remove the blindfold on their eyes, and start seeing something for good. They have to give players like Hammad Azam, Imam ul Haq, Tabish Khan, Shahzaib Hassan, Raza Hassan and Usman Qadir a chance. This is fresh blood. No, we are not asking the selectors to bring all the young players at the same time. We are only asking them to admit that these players and many others are a good product produced from domestic events, because all of them have proved themselves time and again. The PCB seems to follow a policy of quantity and not quality. Unless and until this policy is reversed the future of Pakistan cricket seems bleak.

Serious steps have to be taken if we want to be a recognized cricketing nation, because for the majority of us, cricket is not just a sport


By: Fatima Arshad

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