The Afghan Chamber of Commerce (ACCI) Monday called on President Hamid Karzai to attend to the problems faced by Afghan merchants who have started to go on strike in protest against their ongoing trade challenges.

Afghan traders are striking by refusing to allow their commercial goods to be transported for export to the cities.

ACCI officials said that the president must respond to the merchants and help personally solve their problems which have been plaguing the goods trade for some time.

Many merchants participated in the strike, refusing to allow their commercial goods into cities by halting their freight cars at customs.

“We ask the president to take a decision to resolve merchants problems because we have seen during the past 15 days no high ranking officials have taken any step to solve the issue,” ACCI Finance and Administrative Assistant Tawfiq Daware told TOLOnews.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry officials said that they have talked about the merchants’ problems with the minister to take to the Council of Ministers in order for a decision to be made on helping traders.