More than ever before, small businesses now have an unlimited number of tech tools to help make business operations easier. It makes sense for bright minds in the tech world to come up with such technologies. Small businesses are the biggest employers and needed to be supported with everything required for them to survive. If you have not tried out any of these tools, you are indeed missing out. They provide options for better business operations, improve social media interactions with consumers, and help you plan for a better customer service and employee management.


This tool was built by Google to help solve all the problems of a startup. It is a complete suite that offers everything you need to put your business on the internet and start attracting customers. You can purchase a domain, set up personalized emails, track analytics, launch applications and programs, and manage campaigns and advertisements all under one roof. Gsuite is good for small businesses because it reduces cost, guarantees collaboration and sharing of ideas, and saves data. The tool provides automatic backups for all the content created by your staff, allowing you have access to every data as employees come and go.


The next big thing when it comes to customer experience delivery is chatbots. These are artificial intelligence programs that can be integrated into Facebook, slack, or websites, to help you attend to customer needs, answer questions, or assist them to complete a purchase. Chatbots are easy to use, provide excellent internal and external communication, and are great in offering more robust customer service and analytics. They help you nurture your leads, provide feedbacks on customer behavior, and offer an extremely proactive and engaging customer interaction.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of the modern business world. Your employees need to be able to communicate so they can synergize, plan, execute, and deliver high levels of productivity. Slack is an application that combines texting, video calls, emails, and other forms of communication all in one place. It is built specifically for teams so they can share files, access content, and take part in one-on-one or private groups. Slack also acts as a process platform that makes it easy to reconfigure business processes and can be integrated with google drive, hang out, Github, and other applications you are already familiar with. You can use it to create a channel for blog posts, take advantage of open API, or build a referral network.


Effective projects management is essential in every organization. With a tool like Trello, all your troubles are over. Trello is free to use after sign up, and it allows you to create a project board, create multiple lists, make use of color stories, implement checklists, and utilize the API to extend the program. It is a workflow management system that offers great functionalities, customer support, individual/group task assignment, and SSL data encryption for complete security.


To grow your business and remain relevant, you need to be able to interact effectively with your customers. Intercom is a modern tool that makes is super easy to communicate with clients. The tool lets you respond to the customer via social media chat and emails in one place. It also allows you to send targeted messages based on behavior, and create help articles to educate your customers about almost anything you want. You can build buyer persona, forecast results based on conversion rate, and check the type of traffic you’re attracting.


The quora tool is a crowdsourcing system that allows you ask any question and get answers. As a business, you’ll be running into new things on a daily basis and would need to find meaning and solutions to problems. Quora is the right place to go when you don’t know what to do anymore, and it can also help you build a reputation and promote yourself.

Building and operating a business has never been this easy. You have all the tools needed to create and run a successful business with very few problems. These tools are very easy to use, and they will make your life even easier.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.