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Top 5 Benefits of Working Out with your Pet Dog –

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Do you have a pup or dog? If so, then you surely need to know these amazing benefits of working out with your pet dog.

As you know, health is one of the major problem nowadays in this digital age (technically; it is the most important one, and needs to be solved As Soon As Possible).

According to theCenters for Disease Control (CDC), Every two out of three US adults are overweight, or obese. And only 1.2 % Americans have the cardiovascular health habits, recommended by American Heart Association (AHA >in a journal.  (GOD,Isn’t that alarming?)

If we talk about pets, about 50 % of our country’s cats and dogs were reported overweight by their veterinarians in a nationwide survey conducted in 2012.

While we are busy in putting weights, health officials are facing an immense growth in weight-related diseases like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, etc. in both the people and the pets. But working out, spending time on dog training can do magics too, as it keeps you busy in working out with your lovely companion.

Okay, I got the point, What Now?

Well, the Universal Solution to all these problems is to get fit (if you aren’t already ?) and lose some weight, and this goal can only be achieved by Exercise.

I am too Lazy, What do you suggest for that?

There are tons of tips and tricks available which can help compel the lazy asses for workout.

But in this article, we will be talking about the benefits of doing exercise with your doggy.

Stay with us…

Advantage of Working Out with your Pet Dog

Before we start, I must warn you first to make sure that your doggy is healthy and won’t face any problem by increasing his activity levels. Otherwise, you are going to end up dragging him unwillingly down the street.

Let’s start…

  • They are Enthusiast

This creature have a great love for exercise; you will never feel him quitting unless of course, you want to quit.

That enthusiasm of your pup can be contagious.

“One Australian study found that pet owners are more stronger to the exercise barriers like busy schedule or social life problems, and feels motivated that they could find sometime regardless their busy schedule.”

According to the researchers of University of Missouri, “The best exercise buddies may be the four-legged variety”.

They further added that people who did exercise with their dogs increased their speed about 28 % in 3 months. While those who walked with a friend saw only 4 % improvement.

The reason is obvious, dogs don’t talk shit that’s why they aren’t disturbing your mind and keep it focused on your goal.

  • They don’t say NO

Unlike your lazy or busy friend who you go to exercise with, your pup can’t tell you that he is unable to go with you tomorrow.

And having a workout buddy can give you some good motivation too, there are numerous amount of stories over the internet..

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Josh Billings (a.k.a. Henry Wheeler Shaw; humorist and lecturer)

  • They Don’t make Complains

Except for the uncommon whimper of your puppy who is not in the mood to go for a walk, your dog is going to love your recently found desire to take him out with you.

In fact, you may also notice your dog’s tail-wagging keenness to hit the walkway.

  • It’s better than the Indoor Workout

Doing Workout in a crowded and sweaty gym may be good for gaining muscles, but it also makes you rush into the shower and never leave.

Not only throwing the frisbee and playing with your dog outside is a great way to get rid of the confines of the gym, but the fresh air and natural scents like jasmine etc. will reduce the stress level and boost up your mood.

Additionally, it can also somewhat fulfill your desire of tanning if you are too antsy to sit still and tan.

  • It’s FREE and a Win-Win for both

The great thing about our puppies and dogs is that they don’t care what you throw; a ball, a stick, a shoe, or a frisbee, they are happy to get it back to you.

Playing (Workout) with your dog is FREE, and it saves money on gym memberships and other related expenses

With all these health benefits you are going to get, your pet dog will get it to, he will lose weight and laziness too. So it’s a Win-Win situation for both of you.

 Final Words

That was it from our side for the top 5 best benefits of working out with your pet dog, If you think we have missed any, then please tell us in the comments to help other readers in getting the most out of this informational post.

Was this post helpful? If so, then please share it with your friends, family, and relative to spread the knowledge.

 Stay Informed Stay Healthy and Stay Happy!


ABOUT Author: Kathie Lukas is a freelance writer. She’s a passionate pet lover her topic areas mostly cover pet health and pet grooming and loves to travel and has never ending love for food. She has completed her graduation in animal sciences from the Kansas state University. You can find her on twitter @iamkathilukas.

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