As a real estate investor, it is easy to get caught up in working towards the sales process. However, one important element of the process is the staging of the property There are many things that you can do around the home to stage every area to make the property look its best. For instance, using a seasonal touch such as white artificial Christmas trees can allow you to make your investment feel special to the prospective client. Some of the important elements of seasonal staging include watching your color schemes, using less furniture, creating height where possible, and highlighting the home’s best corners or focal areas.

Seasonal Color Schemes

Using some of the most popular color schemes for the season is just one way you can make your property feel cozy. For example, there are several color schemes for the Christmas holidays. However, choosing one of the more neutral-but-festive schemes will be the most ideal to use to coordinate throughout the home. For instance, if you are using a white Christmas tree, you could choose splashes of red and neutral beiges as part of additional color elements. However, if you are working with an investment property in the Springtime, you may want to use fresh or light color schemes that mimic the colors of springtime in your area.

Less Is More

Selecting furniture to help stage your investment property can be a challenge. The rule of thumb is always to use less furniture to give the area a more spacious feeling. This will allow prospective buyers to view the space as their own including the potential design elements that they would incorporate. This will also mean that you will have to give some consideration to furniture placement. For instance, you could choose to put a bulky wood-trimmed chair underneath a cozy window and add an end table with thin legs to balance the look. The point is to maintain balance, spaciousness, and creativity with your furniture schemes.

Creating Height

Using different types of plant foliage is an easy way that you can create height within different areas of your investment property. However, the types of plants that you choose can provide you with the seasonal element that you are looking for to help stage the home. Visiting your local botanical store will help you to find the plants and foliage that are in season. For instance, fall-oranges and yellow leaves would be a great element for winter themes that would coordinate well with a white Christmas tree. Yet, newly budded plant or flower clippings would also work as an element of spring time joy.

Highlighting the Best

As a basic staging rule, the properties strengths are where you should create your focal point. When your potential buyers walk into the home, they should be able to immediately tell where the home’s best assets are by the way that they are decorated. This doesn’t mean that you have to use designs that go over-the-top. You will still want to use neutral styles color schemes with light splashes of color or soft color pallets.

Although staying neutral or conservative with the type of design that you ultimately use to stage your investment property is usually the rule, there are still many ways that you can be creative. Playing up the best assets of the property, creating height using seasonal foliage, or drawing the eye towards the spaciousness of the property by using less furniture are easy ways to dress up the space. This also means using seasonal color schemes to dress up the property and create and inviting and cozy space that potential homeowners will love. All of these ideas will help you to create an investment property that you will be proud to showcase.


by: Kevin Faber