Leadership is essential to getting good results from a team. Inside the office and out, inspiring leadership can be the game changer that keeps a team on its toes or allows for more failure than a boss had hoped for. Today there is a new space for leadership in web development and online publishing. What is the best language for web development for leaders to use? Across the board, inspiring and interesting words are valued as essential keys to leadership. To develop inspiring leadership in your team, check out these tips on leadership.

Become A Great Listener

Listening skills are undervalued these days, but they are essential for great leaders. Listening does more than build trust and respect between team members, although those are essential outcomes from great listening skills. Great listening skills develop leaders who are in the know. The more a leader knows what is going on, the more he or she can develop the team to perform optimally. Sometimes people think they know the answers or what is going on in a team without listening or paying attention to the people on the team. They may have some good information. But great listening skills, like those developed in active listening exercises, maximize the leaders’ ability to absorb and process information far beyond what they could normally perceive without interaction. Great listening puts leaders in the middle of the hub, rather than keeping them as an outsider.

Build Respect

Respect for the team members and the leadership is important on any team. Sometimes people are fortunate to inherit a team that values respect right off the bat. Some people just have great manners naturally. But like great leaders, great relationships are made, not just born. They can be built on mutual respect or respect for common ideals. More importantly, respect doesn’t come easily for everyone, especially in diverse teams. Great leaders build respect over time, sometimes gradually (like for being on time consistently even when it isn’t easy) and sometimes in stints (like for rare great achievement). Other ways people build respect for leadership in their teams, according to Entrepreneur, are by practicing what they preach and by being ethical.

Practice Authenticity

Steve Jobs is famous for his barefoot image and eccentricity. Whoever a leader really is, they shine the most as themselves. Being authentic doesn’t just apply to your image, however. Authentic people are also those whose values match their practice. Authentic people are realistic about goals and expectations. Perhaps most importantly, authenticity is also about not being too judgmental or preaching toward others too much in a way that is difficult to absorb. Authentic people know to treat others the way they would genuinely like to be treated.

Embrace A Leader’s Real Skill Set, Even If It Spikes

There is a lot of emphasis on being well-rounded in modern culture. But a research tank at the Harvard Business Review found that inspiring leaders often spike rather than round out naturally. They embrace their strengths and those of others well by keeping good records of achievement and finished work. Keeping an open mind with regard to whose talents match whose can pay off in building a well-rounded team rather than focusing on one well-rounded individual.


by:  Sia Hasan