Launching your own business certainly requires a great deal of hard work, but it also requires the ability to think on your feet. While you might not give it the same amount of thought that you give to your physical health, improving your cognitive functioning can make you a better entrepreneur. These tips can help you boost your brain power, so your decision-making process will be more efficient and you’ll perform your role more productively.

Start By Sleeping In

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re sacrificing your sleep to keep your business running. This is a mistake, because getting insufficient sleep may be harming your ability to run your business. As we continue to research sleep, we find that there’s actually a lot going on as we sleep. In addition to rejuvenating our physical bodies, cognitive functioning is also affected. In particular, the brain sends out a higher concentration of sigma waves during sleep, which helps the brain retain the information learned throughout the previous day. Interrupting this process with insufficient sleep means you can’t retain as much information.

Power Up

While there are a number of brain-boosting supplements on the market, such as Neuro Peak, you can also improve your brain power by adding superfoods to your diet. Dark-colored veggies, eggs, and meat are all rich in iron, which is thought to improve the ability to concentrate and boost the IQ. Additionally, vitamin B1, found in whole grain products, can help speed up the mental processes. Blueberries deliver antioxidants to the brain to help fight off free radicals, while the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and nuts help protect cognitive functioning over time.

Set Goals for Yourself

While your general mission for your business may be to grow and serve a larger community, you should be setting more specific short-term goals. When determining which goals to set for yourself or for your business, select objectives that will force you to act. Get involved in the process, especially if it provides the opportunity to learn something new. Your brain is like any other muscle in that it grows stronger with frequent use.

Start a Journal

This can be where you turn to document the thoughts and experiences you’ve had throughout your day. You can write things out, draw and doodle, or add printed clippings to help you express yourself. Expressing yourself in a journal will help you document your thoughts, but it will also exercise your mind and get your creative juices flowing. If you stay dedicated to regularly creating journal entries, you’ll find that your mind functions more efficiently and it’s easier to come up with creative new ways of doing things. You’ll be able to apply your creative thoughts to your business and improve the way it operates.

Take Time to Meditate

Meditation and other relaxation exercises will benefit you in a number of ways. Primarily, it will help you relieve stress, which is essential for mental clarity. As your stress levels begin to decrease, you’ll find it easier to think things through and make complex decisions. Meditating won’t even take much out of your day. You can do it before you leave the house in the mornings, during your lunch hour, or before bed. A simple meditation practice is to sit comfortably someplace where you won’t be disturbed. Breathe deeply as you let your mind drift. Your focus should be on your breathing and nothing else.

Do Something You Enjoy

Even though you’re extremely busy as an entrepreneur, it’s important to make time for activities unrelated to your business. This can be anything from taking up a new hobby to listening to your favorite music. It’s an opportunity for you to unwind and relax, but it should also be viewed as a chance to clear your thoughts. Focusing on something different will open your mind and allow you to think more clearly.

As an entrepreneur, you already have a creative mind, but that doesn’t mean your creativity will flourish without stimulation. The best way to grow your creativity is to practice methods of taking care of your mental health. Acting to eliminate stress and improve cognitive functioning will also help you grow your creativity.