Spontaneous group photos are better when one person isn’t stuck holding the camera. The Bottle Cap Tripod from Dynomighty Design Inc. ($10, dynomighty.com) has a rubbery base that stuck perfectly on top of a wine bottle and a maple syrup container, although it was wobbly atop a bottle of Perrier. It’s common for cameras to have a hole on the bottom that screws onto tripods; I attached my point-and-shoot, tilted to get the right angle and set off the timer. Perfect.

The Manfrotto Modo Pocket ($20, bhphotovideo.com and elsewhere) is tabletop tripod that, when folded flat, is about half the size of a business card in length and width. Unfolded, it has four rubber-coated feet that grip nicely to most surfaces, and in the center, a threaded screw that works with digital cameras up to 17 ounces. ($10-$20) (AP)