YOU have been wasting apples all your life because you have been eating them all wrong.

Every time you eat an apple you may have noticed there’s a substantial quantity of the fruit left over when you’re done – the apple core.

The core can make up at least 30 per cent of the whole fruit and contrary to popular belief there’s no reason why you can’t eat it.

But the core remains untouched because we choose to eat the fruit horizontally, as the little girl is attempting in the picture above.

However, if you eat your apple from the bottom up, The Atlantic’s health editor James Hamblin notes , there’s no core left.

Just a delicious, whole-fruit experience and a few seeds to spit out — especially because they have a tiny amount of hydrogen cyanide in them.

“The core is a product of society, man,” Mr Hamblin wrote. And it’s holding humanity back from essential vitamins and minerals.

How do you like them apples? Next time, you should like them vertically.